Seen From a Different Angle Weekly Photo Prompt – Square | #wpmyview



This week’s prompt is SQUARE!

Hello there! My name is Ajira and I’m taking over this week’s awesome prompt for Shelly!

Look around you for this shape wherever you are all week – cubes, squares, squared, plumb and square… I can think of a few iterations that would totally work. And honestly, if you photograph a rectangle or parallelogram instead, it’ll still count! So, be there or be square! Ha. I couldn’t help myself. Seriously though, I’m excited to see what #square images you share on the #wpmyview feed this week!

I’ll be posting an image with the prompt in mind on the feed every day this week! Join me if you like!

How to See Other Poster’s Images

I hope you have checked out the gallery. To check out images in the Instagram app – click the magnify glass, click photos and select hashtag then type in #wpmyview. All the tagged images will appear for you to scroll through, like and add comments to. It’s a great way to ‘meet’ others in our SFADA community.

Be Featured on My Instagram Feed

On Sunday your hashtagged image(s) may be featured on my Instagram feed as part of the #FabFour, so be sure to follow me @ajira and of course follow @shuttershelly for continued goodness!

A reason to look forward to Mondays:

The Creative JumpStart now includes more than the weekly photo prompts. Throughout the month we’ll be sharing fun art projects, great ways to get your images off your device and into your life as well as other fun creative inspirations. Why not drink your morning coffee with a bit of creativity to jump start your week?

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